Of the winter hang down; a chestnut

Of the winter hang down; a chestnut

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The Unrivaled Extraordinary View – Hang Down Chestnut Trees Covered with Snow
















In the natural habitat for Hang Down Chestnut, which is designated as a national nature treasure, you can see the trees beautifully covered with snow in winter.
A sight of plenty branches hanging down like an umbrella in their garbs of snow is definitely an unrivaled extraordinary view. Please be aware that this view can be only seen when the snow stays around.


● Travelling time to Hang Down Chestnut Forest Park
By Car : From Chuo Expressway Ihoku I.C. (app 20 minutes)
From Chuo Expressway Shiojiri I.C. (app 20 minutes)
By Train: From JR Ono station ( app 5 minutes by taxi)

※ The road to Hang Down Chestnut Forest Park is a mountain path surfaced with asphalt and the snow is not removed. Please be very careful when you travel by car.
In winter, Enrei Ojo Park Lane is closed and you cannot enter directly from Okaya city.



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