Ono Brewery Co., Ltd.

Ono Brewery Co., Ltd.

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Sake Brewing in an Environment Blessed with Richness of Nature



Ono Brewery is situated in Kotsubo, Tatsuno, which used to be a post-town of history and culture, blessed with richness of nature in Shinshu. Since the foundation, Ono Brewery has kept the tradition of handmade, adopting the new technology and equipment.
The rice used for sake brewing is Miyama-nishiki (mainly made in Kamiina area), Yamada-nishiki (made in Minami-Minowa), and Yamada-nishiki (made in Hyogo prefecture).
Ono Brewery exerts all possible efforts to make well-balanced sake with a sharp taste, which would make people crave for more.
At the shop, there is a corner where you can enjoy free samples of sake. If you are lucky enough to meet the president, you can enjoy a lively discussion on sake and the history.




Opening Hours 8:00~17:00
Closing Days Sundays & National Holidays