Decorations of Tatsuno Tsurushibina (Hanging Hina)

Decorations of Tatsuno Tsurushibina (Hanging Hina Dolls)






The hanging decorations consist of about 1800 peach shaped ornaments. Each ornament is decorated with a prayer for recovery from damage due to the Great East Japan and Sakae-village Earthquake.


Tsurushibina (Hanging Hina Dolls) originated in Izu Inatori, Shizuoka. A peach shaped ornament is one of the major and important ornaments used in Tsurushibina. Legend has it that peaches have mysterious power which destroy evil spirits and prolong life. Based on such legend, people from Tatsuno Tsurushibina “Akari” Class have completed the big decorations 3 meters long in 4 months, praying that the visitors lead happy and healthy lives.


Decorations of Tatsuno Tsurushibina


Place: 1st floor , Tatsuno Park Hotel
※Tsurushibina cellphone straps are also available at Tatsuno Park Hotel.