Sankyu-no-Taki (the Sankyu Falls)

Sankyu-no-Taki (the Sankyu Falls)



Sankyu-no-Taki (the Sankyu Falls)




This is a magnificent waterfall with a drop of 50 meters, in three stages, situated in a primeval forest of Yokokawa-Keikoku Valley. The quantity of water is enormous, throwing up a spray from the waterfall.
The seasonal changes in the scenery impress the visitors greatly. It is about 3.9 kilometers from Ja-Ishi on foot. A walking trail is available. The trees here have a tag with their names written.
You can go trekking in a primeval forest with pouring negative ions, feeling the breath of the grand nature.



From Ja-Ishi Campsite to the entrance of Sankyu-no-Taki (Kurosawa-bashi): 3.0 km

From the entrance of Sankyu-no-Taki (Kurosawa-bashi) to Sankyu-no-Taki: 0.9 km


※ The road from Ja-Ishi Campsite is a national forest path.
※ When you follow the forest path, please watch out for falling rocks.


●Travelling time to Yokokawa-Keikoku Valley (Ja-Ishi Campsite)
By Car : From Chuo Expressway Ihoku I.C. (app 30 minutes)
By Train: From JR Tatsuno station ( app 25 minutes by taxi)